I had a wonderful trip back to the States. It was so nice seeing everyone again. Sorry to everyone that I didn’t end up getting together with. I was a little distracted…

Here’s some pictures from my trip. I didn’t take very many (which for those of you who know me tells you just how distracted I really was, hehe) but there’s enough to give you an idea of what I did-

I flew into Chicago O’hare Airport. It’s one of my favorites because of these fun lights that they have over the moving walkways.

Lana and Nathen while we were hanging out at my house one night

Joel and Hunter…*smile*

Sunset over the lake at Cornerstone, great a view for a campsite isn’t it?

Millennium Park in Chicago, Joel and I went to see the orchestra under the stars one night.

A view of the other people enjoying the beautiful summer evening

4th of July in the rain, we still had a lot of fun and saw some pretty fireworks though.

One of our game nights

A cute little movie theater in Hobart where Joel and I saw Madagascar

Joel sleeping on the way home from Ohio

And so ended a great trip. It was nice to go but it’s also good to be back and I look forward to another exciting year filled with lots of fun, friendships and many new things learned. *smile*