You Only Live Once, This Is How I’m Doing It!

Good times, good times…

Sunday afternoon was just so nice. It was one of the most pleasant afternoons I’ve had in a long time. I met up with Anna, Caitlin, Bea and Camilla and we headed out to Wijk aan Zee, a cute little Dutch beach town, and saw Illicit (a hip hop band that Kathrin’s boyfriend plays in).

Here’s the whole band

Pieter during his solo

They were good actually, I had a really fun time watching them play. So yeah, it was just a good day. Nothing too terribly exciting about it, we just chilled and I got to hang out with my friends and be silly and smile and laugh a lot. We also took some really nice pictures of us girls on the beach but unfortunately they’re on Caitlin’s camera so I can’t post them right now. Caitlin, you gotta send me those! *wink*


So apparently I’m a liar now…


Little taste of heaven

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  1. live music is the greatest.

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