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Duck, Duck, Killer Goose!

The weather has been beautiful all day today, the sun is shining and it’s nice and warm. Since it’s been rainy for what feels like forever and I was stuck in bed for three days, I had to take Caroline out of the house. We decided to go to our favorite spot, which is the lake close to the house where the ducks live.

Look at it, isn’t it pleasant?

The ducks were there and we spent some nice time relaxing by the side of the lake and picking daises

My pretty little girl

We made our way down the lake so that we could find our “friend” geese. We’d visited them before and had given them bread. The mommy goose had a nest the last time we were there so we decided to check on her. Unfortunately for us, by this time we’d run out of bread…

Daddy goose decided that since we couldn’t feed him we were no longer friends and charged at us. I had to scoop Caroline up into my arms and run as fast as I could onto a bridge in order to escape a painful attack. We would’ve just called it a day and moved on except that he found our stroller and decided to hold it ransom!

apparently he was really hungry :S

After poking, biting, and pulling at it for five minutes he decided that it wasn’t going to hurt him or feed him. So, just to prove he was boss he strutted around it threateningly for another five minutes or so before he finally got bored and wandered off. We quickly got the stroller back and continued our way.

So, our moral for today is: Beware of fair weather friends because when the going gets tough, they just might turn on you and steal your stroller.


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  1. lol. sounds like an adventure or sorts.

  2. LOL… That place looks beautiful…

    I want to go.

  3. That is such a pretty picture of your pretty girl :)Was it meant to be in black & white? coz i like that!

  4. Lis

    You are too much girl! Great pics and great story. Love you! Sorry i didn’t have a longer layover in Amsterdam, would have loved to see you! I will soon though when you come back home. Yeah! :D:D:D Love you!


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