You Only Live Once, This Is How I’m Doing It!


I drank a lot of tea today. I never used to be a fan of tea. It’s not that I hated it, I just didn’t prefer it…then I moved to The Netherlands. You see here they drink a LOT of tea and coffee. It’s just what they do to be social. They don’t say, “let’s visit”, it’s “let’s have coffee”.

Well, I started with asking for coffee all the time because I enjoy coffee a lot but unfortunately, if I drink it at night time I tend to have a hard time falling asleep and that’s the main time they sit down to drink it. So I had to adjust. And what I discovered is tea is great. It has so much variety. Just today I had three different kinds (orange, strawberry and spice) It’s so much fun to try out the different flavors. I think my favorite so far is spice.

Plus, somehow tea seems healthier to me than coffee. I don’t have any scientific facts to back it up, I just don’t feel as “ick” when I drink tea. Don’t get me wrong, coffee is wonderful in it’s own right. My goodness, I wouldn’t remember a bit of London the first time around with out it! But there’s also that awful after taste and semi-headache that comes with drinking too much of it at the wrong time. Tea doesn’t have that.

Although I’m now finding out (at 11:30pm) that it contains enough caffeine that after 6 cups in one day it can have a coffee like effect on my sleep. darn! Oh well. Another annoying disadvantage to all this tea is, my teeth have lost a lot of there Crest-Night-Affect-ness. boo! But other than that I’ve really learned to appreciate tea and all it’s variety. Now all I have to do is learn how to limit it enough to get some sleep!


The blahs…


1 April


  1. Caitlin

    I love tea! I think because it’s just hot flavored water. and that’s why it feels so healthy, because you’re just drinking hot water that tastes good. and tea is much better than coffee if you’re sick. love! hope to see you soon.. maybe next week (gasp!) during the week?

  2. I found a link to your blog off your post on Sarah’s blog and I love it!

    I will definitely be coming back.

    And to make this comment on topic, I hate tea. But it does come in an impressive variety of flavours.

  3. congrats! i love tea. And according to this; it is better for you.

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